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Are you ready for a trip in your worst nightmare?

Little voices in my head is a 2D psychological-horror game with a deep story, original gameplay mechanics and a dark atmosphere.

Do you trust your reality?

That’s the question Little Voices In My Head is going to be asking you. Designed to make you feel uneasy from the get go, this Silent Hill inspired 2D horror title will have you questioning everything you see and hear.

Divided into multiple chapters, little voices in my head have been made to transmit to the player strong emotions.

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Thanks for you support all, hope you'll have fun.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 25, 2016
GenreAdventure, Survival
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Dark Humor, Gore, Horror, paranormal, RPG Maker, Survival Horror, Top Down Adventure
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French

Install instructions

Just extract and play!


C.......off flashlight

X.......on flashlight



Item menu.... use space to use battery/drugs


Little Voices In My headWIN.rar 377 MB
Little Voices In My headMac.rar 387 MB
Little Voices In My headLinux.rar 382 MB
changelog-read-me.txt 1 kB

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Nice stuff!


Hey thanks you i hope you'll like the next chapter ;)

UPDATE 2 (BUILD 0.4.0 MAJOR) —-Chapter1

-Added Flashlight system with battery

-Added sanity system

-Added sanity effects

-Added HUD

-Added drugs

-One more ending (or is this just the begining? hehe…)

-Fixed translation

-Fixed lights

-Fixed minor bug

I deleted the demo because it was really outdated, maybe later i'll
make another one but now it's time to work on chapter2.

Chapter 2 will be a lot bigger so i'll release it when first
part will be ready.
Save will work between different version too, so no progress lost.

Thanks for you support all, hope you'll have fun.


Planned features for chapter 2 :

-Chapter 2 will be a lot longer.
-Multiple choices to do.
-Trophies for each chapters.
-Large places to visit (semi open world).
-You'll can die from madness and so you'll need to use drugs.
-When your sanity will be low, randoms events will happen,
it will affect your sight and hearing too.

Hello ladies and gentlemans !

Today i'll tell you a bit about the plot of Chapter 2.

First chapter 2 will reveal new things about chapter 1,

you'll play as a detective ( Lars Taylor ) and investigate on events

of chapter 1.

You'll discover something bigger behind, something you are not supposed to


How far people are willing to go to achieve their dreams?